5 AI Marketing Tools I Use at Work

In this article, we will discuss about AI Marketing Tools. The AI industry has developed rapidly in recent years. AI technology makes our lives easier by helping us in our daily tasks. I also use a lot of artificial intelligence tools to make my tasks easier and more professional. As a digital marketer, most of my work revolves around marketing. I also use AI tools for marketing to improve my performance. So today, I’m going to share 5 awesome AI marketing tools that I use in my work. So if you are also a digital marketer, take their help.

Here is a list of AI marketing tools I use in my work.

PFP creator

PFP Maker is an amazing AI tool that will help us remove backgrounds from our photos and design amazing backgrounds so that our photos are great for displaying photos on social media.

I personally use this website to design my cool photos to show on social media to increase my visibility. All you have to do is upload your photo and it will automatically remove your background and format your photo, and then you can save it with just one click.


As we know, videos play a very important role in every company’s marketing, but video recording and editing is a very long and expensive process, so I will introduce you to a very simple and unique solution . Synthemia is an amazing AI tool that allows you to create multiple videos to market your projects or business. All you have to do is write your script and this website will create a video for you.
This way you can easily write your own script and choose the template you want. And you can save your video with just one click.


As a digital marketer, Copy.ai is one of the amazing tools I use for my work. It helps you write headlines for your social networks and content for your blog and other works. It helps to increase the productivity and speed of your work.


As we know, logo is the identity of every company. Do you also need a logo for your company? But if you’re not a graphic designer, don’t worry, you don’t need an expensive design service because BrandMark will help you create an eye-catching professional logo for your business for free.

All you have to do is write your business name or slogan. And after that, you have to choose your colors and Brandmark will automatically create different logos for you. You can choose your favorite and save it with one click.


Beautiful.ai is an amazing tool to create beautiful and highly professional presentations. Professional presentations play a very important role in every company. If your presentation is attractive and professional, you are more likely to win a business or get your job. With Beautiful.ai, you can easily use pre-designed templates and create your own business or personal presentations. You can also create a video presentation for your business with infographics and many more options.


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