The best wireless headphones 2023


For the category of “the best wireless headphones 2023” we set a conditional limit of 2000 rubles, and JBL almost managed to go under it with its stomach. However, for this money, we really get reusable “gigs” that offer decent autonomy and great sound at the same time. It is certainly not bad for this format, but the radiators here are clearly overloaded at high volumes.

But all the advantages of the “plug” are also present: sufficient sound insulation, small size and low weight. The remote and battery are small enough that their weight won’t weigh on your ears. “Apple” devices can display the battery charge level when connected. This is actually a rejection of the traditional “jota”. The iPhone made wireless headphones and earphones even more popular.

This “baby” has a microphone that weighs 16 grams and is quite good: the T110BT can be used as a headset with a phone without hesitation, the conversation has little effect on battery life, and the ability to understand speech is more than enough.

Jam Audio

Since then, the American company Jam Audio has specialized in wireless audio devices. Its beginnings -even its vinyl record players- are familiar with “Bluetooth”. With headphones, the top line resembles “ears” and is funny named, from the old “first” to the “middle” bean to the top of what we rank among the best wireless headphones today .

These headphones are quite compact but not too light for their size (just over 300g), with IPX4 protection level against dust and water and 14 hours of listening. Controls – Snaps The buttons are located on the sides of the mug. A microUSB connection under the plug is used for charging, and next to it you will find the AUX input – if the battery runs out at the wrong time, the headphones can also be connected “analog”.

However, you don’t get an improvement in sound quality compared to Bluetooth – these headphones, of course, are never “audio files”. That’s not to say that the sound is really bad; All in all, it’s what you’d expect from a pair of headphones at this price point. The manufacturer does not hide the fact that the main focus is on “chips” – portability and some security, as well as a “durable” battery for this price.

And we can describe the design of the earcups in all four versions as typical youth: even in a simple black version, the earcups look pointless.

RHA True Connection

This time, we brought not whiskey or bagpipes from Scotland, but a high-end sports wireless headphone model that managed to exceed even the expectations of the company’s marketers and sold so quickly that it became rare for a while. It’s over. And despite the understated look, these headphones are really interesting out of the box.

They are supplied in a branded metal “box”. Has a soft-touch coating. What also doubles as a charging box: The fact that headphones are becoming more wireless. For this reason, they charge even without connecting a cable. Until now, Apple only offered it with its AirPods. But if you do completely without moisture protection, then you do not dare to talk about a real sports model. Turn on the headphones.

It is enough to remove them from the store, and the mode of change depends on whether both are removed. (Stereo headphone mode is activated.) or only one (then mono mode is activated). The control buttons are spaced on both earcups. And because of their compact size, they’re a bit tricky to use; you should still read the instructions.

The headphones match the ears perfectly. Choosing the right ear pad is important. There is enough in the kit. Its autonomy does not meet the standards of “normal” wireless models (up to 5 hours). But its inevitable ultra-compact batteries for sports models. That’s a good sign. As for the sound.

The energy of the bass and the balanced level of “Top” are remarkable. which is not wasted and not exaggerated by too much artificiality. They play music perfectly, “don’t give up. And they tick all the boxes for
More about this source text in sports headphones, so we can recommend them without hesitation.”


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