cryptids and cryptozoologists

Cryptozoologists study the unknown animals that exist in our world. Cryptids are animals that have been reported to exist, but not yet proven to exist. These animals could be dinosaurs, giant lizards, bigfoot, etc.

cryptids and cryptozoologists

The cryptozoologist would want to find out if these animals really do exist. If they do, then what kind of species does it belong to? What type of environment does it live in? Is it dangerous? Would it attack humans?

A creature of cryptozoology would want to know about cryptids. They might be interested in knowing if they actually exist. If they do exist, then what kind of animal is it? What kind of environment does it live? Does it eat meat? Does it hunt? Are its eyes red or green?

Researchers have noticed that the cryptozoology subculture dismissed standard methodologies from begining. These disciples frequently express aggression toward standard science. Researchers have concentrated on cryptozoologists and their impact, noted matches in cryptozoology and different pseudosciences, for example, ghost hunting and ufology, and featured careless media proliferation of cryptozoologist claims.


Myths and cryptids

People have developed stories of supernatural creatures, old legendary heroes, or mysterious animals outside the reality of day to day existence since the ancient times. Frequently these depended upon natural events. However interesting species, yet muths have likewise jumped up from truthful sightings of odd animals, or basically from frightening stories told to kids to make them act accordingly.

Beasts and Myths is a full of investigation of the numerous and varying animals which happen on the planet’s classic stories, secrets, legends and stories, went down through the ages and, lately, likewise propagated by media and the Web.
This field indexes beasts from an extensive variety of various classic stories, from the old Egyptian sphinx, through Norse and Middle age European fantasy, to unbelievable figures like Ruler Arthur, to current UFO sightings and the proceeding with look for the Loch Ness Beast.

Beasts and Myths gives an abundance of instructive and engaging data on many different legendary animals from around the world. Including full-variety figure works of art, guides and box includes, the book is a vivid investigation of the odd creatures that have been made by humanity’s creative mind throughout the long term.


For a really long time, classic stories about furious, fire breathing dragons have interested youngsters and adults the same. It is sometimes scary and sometimes in surprising manner. Dragons are significant characters in legends from one side of the planet to the other.

Dragons gathers 20 of these mythical monsters from Chinese, Japanese, Babylonian, Mediterranean and Nordic folklore as well as models from later dream writing, like J.R.R. Tolkien’s dragon Smaug in The Hobbit and the Norwegian ridgeback from the Harry Potter books.

From the fury of Beowulf’s dragon to the triumph of St. George over the dragon, Dragons unites the most invigorating of these mythical beasts.

Big Foot

Bigfoot, usually famous as Yeti, is an indicated ape like animal said to possess the woods of North America. Numerous questionable articles have been presented worldwide in evidence to demonstrate the presence of Bigfoot.

Normally it depicts broad shoulders, no neck, and long arms. Which describe as probable misidentification of a bear standing.

A detailed List of cryptids is available on wikipedia to go through. There is also a List of Cryptozoologists who are working in the field and their work is prominently highlighting the field.



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