The Google Nest team is developing an AirTag-like location tracker, codenamed "Grogo."

The Google Nest team is reportedly working on its own location tracker codename Grogu that will include built-in speakers, Bluetooth low energy, and ultra-wideband. It will be similar to existing trackers like Apple’s AirTags, Samsung’s SmartTag and Tile.

Codename “Grogu”

Tech companies are gradually releasing smart location trackers. Google adds to the listing because the corporation is reportedly operating on a clever tracker much like the ones presently at the market. Developer and known leaker Kuba Wojciechoswki revealed that the tracker is codenamed “Grogu“.

Grogo is an alternate word for “Grogodeo” or “GR10”, named after the young Yoda from the Star Wars series “The Mandalorian”. Although the Nest team is currently working on the device, it doesn’t guarantee that the tracker will launch on Google Nest.

Proof came when Wojciechowski noted that the company had added location tag support to the Developer Center for FastPair. This Android feature allows users to quickly connect to Bluetooth devices.

Tracker Offers

Engadget reports that Grogu will include a built-in speakerphone that will help users track and locate their lost devices. This function may be very just like Apple’s AirTags. In addition, it will also include Bluetooth Low Energy and Ultra Wide Band (UWB) support.

It’s really well worth noting that Google is presently operating with numerous chipset producers to aid the new FastPair-based technology in their products so that OEMs can easily build their own trackers.” Lakers said.

Although there are no details and specifications on this device, Google’s tracker will work just like its competition. It’s doubtful for the tool whether or not trackers can reflect Apple’s clever enjoy for AirTags.

According to MacRumors, setting up AirTags requires an Apple device. Android users can also use this product, especially since Apple offers a “Tracker Detect” app on the Google Play Store. It allows users to scan AirTags and find missing My Active Devices.

Tracker Detect is designed to allay fears and concerns that AirTags Grogu is a malicious location tracker for people.

Inflight tracker

AirTags became the talk of the airline industry last October. Lufthansa has made several statements about the device, whether or not the tracker is safe on flights. Initially, these devices were banned from flights because they were considered “dangerous goods” due to their transmission function.

This confused passengers as the airline implemented conflicting policies until the Federal Aviation Administration intervened.

The FAA allows Apple AirTags in checked baggage because they have determined they are not harmful to flights. Any tracker with less than 0.3 lithium batteries is safe to fly. AirTag reaches this limit with just 0.1 grams of lithium.

Hopefully Google follows suit as other device tracking devices are no longer in use.


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