The United States plans to build offshore wind farms to boost the use of renewable energy

The United States plans to build offshore wind farms. The Biden administration is currently evaluating options to bring offshore wind farms to the Gulf of Mexico over the next decade. The US government hopes to bring more energy efficiency to homes. The original project would illuminate some 3.1 million homes in Louisiana and Texas.

The United States is committed to the development of offshore wind farms

The US authorities aim to reduce the use of fossil fuels by introducing offshore wind farms.
By 2030, the current administration could deliver 30 gigawatts of offshore wind power to millions of American homes.

According to a Guardian report, the Biden administration wants to join other companies looking to go green in the coming years.

By relying on renewable energy sources, experts believe pollution will be reduced and only “green hydrogen” will be sent to the earth.

That being said, the plan aims to phase out conventional fuels, which were originally created from fossil fuels. This energy source is not sustainable in the long term, as it can do more harm than good to the planet.

While others see offshore wind power as a promising alternative to conventional energy sources, some say it is inefficient and unregulated to some extent.

“Hydrogen is a false fix at worst and a potential disruption at best. If you want an energy system that is truly climate friendly and kind to people, we need renewable energy. Construction must be focused and used to help people,” he said. Kendall Dix, Director of National Policy for Taproot Earth.

Taproot Earth is one of the most active organizations today that aims to fight against pollution of the planet’s climate.

Establishments of offshore wind farms

The US government is not alone in its goal to bring offshore wind power to local people as soon as possible. Some 10 companies have reportedly expressed interest in joining the same firm to acquire “low-carbon energy businesses.”

Decarbonizing an entire country can take a long time, but when done right, it can be the best possible solution to rid the country of the fossil fuel industry.

According to the International Energy Agency, inexperienced hydrogen can attain decrease carbon emissions. You can reduce your carbon footprint by 68%.

Besides the US, many countries are discussing offshore wind farms. Then the news reached Europe and the Atlantic coast.

Europe plans to meet its goal of increasing offshore wind capacity to 14,600 MW.

There is no doubt that many countries are intensifying their drive to adopt offshore wind farms for more sustainable energy.

According to, Taiwan is exploring options to introduce offshore wind farms after completing the first round of Phase 3 of the zonal development offshore wind auction.

Eight developers are expected to work on seven different projects related to the construction of wind farms.


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